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We are a small tight-knit family located in Wray, GA. We live on our family farm filled with a number of animals including dogs, horses, chickens, cats, turkeys, geese and ducks. We have a heart for animals, helping animals, raising animals, and loving animals. Our dogs have an acre of fenced play area, and love to ride in our tractors, truck or ranger around the farm. They are spoiled rotten, well loved and considered part of the family. All puppies will be spoiled and socialized from birth till ready to go to their forever home.
We breed Miniature Dachshunds because we love the breed and our babies, and we hope to pass on amazing puppies to wonderful families who can fall in love with the breed as well. We want to preserve the good of Dachshunds. We love that Dachshunds are small dogs but packed full with a personality and capability to do so much. Our dachshunds have good, healthy and  quality bloodlines that we are working to keep down the line. All of our adults are health tested by Embark, and we are a preferred breeder on Good Dog. We put a lot of love, time and effort into each puppy to ensure they will continue to be healthy, grow and bless your families with love and happiness like they do us. 

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